Day 40: daddy mummy balance

I may moan and get snappy from lack of sleep. However things could be a lot more challenging. Our few small blessings are that she latches on well, eats, sleeps, takes formula, has no nipple confusion. All these things help in the general equilibrium of the household.

The other very important part is quite how much hubby takes on. It’s very easy I think to say you would like to do more as a dad but there’s only so much you can do. Here’s a list of things that greatly relieve the pressure on me:

  • having the moses basket on his side of the bed
  • when she cries in the middle of the night, he’s the 1st to get up, check she’s awake, change her and try to settle her even before he hands her to me for feeding.
  • when he’s around he will burp her every time between and after feeds
  • before she goes to sleep each night, he will be the last one to feed her, burp her and rock her to sleep
  • he will often make dinner and other meals on the weekend
  • he will take Lo-Lo off my hands and make sure I get enough sleep

I’m thankful to say that hubby does all these things (secretly very smug) and the best bit is that I didn’t have to ask him to do any of it, he assumed all these things himself. tee hee.

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