Day 42: At 6 weeks what’s our routine?

Now I laugh a little when I say routine because as we all know it all changes on a daily basis and depends on what mood their in. What I mean here is in the broadest strokes of what we seem to be achieving at 6 weeks because I’ll be interested to see how it all changes by 12 weeks for example. We were blessed by a 9 hour sleep 2 nights ago and another 7 hour sleep last night (our 4th in a row). We of course wake through out the night with every cough, groan and shout (not to mention I get full to bursting with milk so it gets a little uncomfortable) but this is good! But is it routine yet? Generally we follow:

  • 6/7am wake: feed one side (20mins), burp (10mins) and I will try to settle her again.
  • 8-9am tired but awake: restless and tired, trying to put her to sleep. She will either eventually fall asleep or…
  • 9-10am feed some more and pass out. During this time I like to read to her. As a baby is a sponge at this age, any words I read to her are words that can help build her vocabulary. Currently we’re reading ‘French Kids Don’t Throw Food‘ by Pamela Druckerman funnily enough about the different attitudes to parenting between the French and the British/Americans. Some interesting insights, possibly including one which has helped Lo-Lo start sleeping more at night although part of us wants to believe Lo-Lo kind of got there on her own as well (and of course we’re not out of the woods yet!). A good read and I’m hoping Lo-Lo is taking on board some of the good advice
  • 10-11am: snooze and mummy grabs a shower
  • 11am: feed
  • 12-1pm needs entertaining and burping
  • 1-2pm feed
  • 2-4pm (if I’m lucky she will nap but generally) burping, entertaining and trying to out her down
  • 4-6pm: a combination of entertaining, burping and feeding (sometimes a nap)

Then the evening routine starts!

  • 6-7pm: feed from both boobs
  • 7-8pm: bath, massage and change her
  • 8-9.30pm: feed from both boobs
  • 9.30-10.30pm: Formula bottle feed
  • Anytime from 10.30pm-12am: settle and sleep

It’s hard work but someone’s got to do it. Thankfully she is healthy and growing well. According to the Dr who saw her yesterday she’s a ‘big’ baby, but not fat. We also put a 3-6month baby grow on her yesterday… it’s big, but not THAT big, guess we’ll have a tall child. Happy days.

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