Day 43: Does comfort eating start just after birth?

So here’s my theory.

I myself am a feeder. I show people i love them by feeding them and I hate to see someone be hungry, or if I don’t make enough food? That upsets me. So naturally I think many people, like me already have a predisposition to feed.

When someone becomes a mother this can develop further. Naturally a mother wants to feed her child. At the start with a new baby, it is difficult to know sometimes why they are crying. More to the point the cues of bobbing, hand sucking, sticking their tongue out… all cues to show they’re hungry. But what if they do this pretty much all the time? Surely this means they are hungry all the time? It’s only when I spoke with the breast feeding advisor that I realised she could be signalling for comfort instead. So already from a really young age a baby knows that to signal for food will get them you/your boob/closeness and comfort.

So ultimately it would seem babies comfort eat from the start. And rather than feed them all the time everytime they cry or indicate they want food, the trick seems to be to figure out when they have actually eaten enough and to find another way to soothe them. So, is it up to the mother and father to stop their child from comfort eating from birth? Hmmm

In the meantime, happy 6th week birthday Lo-Lo! 🙂

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