Day 44: A strategy to help the nips heal

I give up. Everyone normally assumes bad latching when you have sore nips. Fair enough. Then there is thrush, mastitis and a few others to add to the list including cracked nips. Truth is, the whole breastfeeding thing is painful to start with, by week 2 it’s meant to get better (which in a way it did) and then by week 6 everything should be sorted. This is what gives you the hope to carry on. Breastfeeding should be painless, ‘established’ by this stage and easy, or so I keep being reminded.

I hate moaning, but for me it still isn’t sorted and I’m bored now. Bored of worriedly anticipating every feed because I just don’t know how many times she’ll need to feed that day, how long for and whether or not I’m going to be in pain all the way through or just for the last 10 minutes.

So today on 6 weeks plus 1 day I am trying a strategy. The plan is:

  • To feed her only 4 times a day from the breast, twice from each boob, first thing in the morning and main evening meal
  • Next, everytime she feeds I express from each breast so she has it for the following feed
  • Using formula to fill the gaps

This I’m planning to do today and tomorrow. I really want to continue breastfeeding but it’s really going to be a labour of love if it is to continue like this. I want to do it and I want to be able to enjoy it. So far today we have managed:

  • 6am feed (L & R)
  • 10am feed 150ml formula
  • 2.30pm feed 100ml expressed, 100ml formula
  • 6pm feed 140ml expressed so far and probably for the rest of the evening
  • 8pm feed (L & R)
  • 9-10.30 feed 150ml  formula

We shall see on Monday if there’s any improvement! Please cross your fingers.

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