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Day 36: bloody blocked tear ducts!

Ah yes. We hope we’re on the wind down for the evening and she is currently going hell for leather on the left. She’s had an ok day. Lovely old friend round for the afternoon who Lo-Lo behaved very well … Continue reading

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Day 35: A breath of fresh air… different day, different baby

Yes… she’s been swapped again! She slept 8 hours straight last night, fed at 7am and then slept again straight through til 11am. And quiet all day. Someone’s playing silly buggers with us. After what can mentally feel like quite … Continue reading

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Day 34: Something for myself

SO EXHAUSTED today! Last night was a big challenge. Fed at 2.30am which was fine, but only on one boob (as am trying to let nips heal so more time is left between feeding from each one) instead of offering … Continue reading

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Day 33: shields

So i have to be honest. I’m trying nipple shields. And I have to say that they are good. They definitely help with the pain, mine are still sore after 4.5  weeks. It is a viscous cycle of course. You … Continue reading

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Day 32: All the things we love about our 1 month old Lo-Lo

You guessed it, Lo-lo was born one month today. At the time she was born (7.11am) she was happily ingesting milk off my 2nd boob for the 2nd time today. You are correct in thinking she did not sleep the … Continue reading

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Day 31: happy father’s day

Last night our baby slept for about 7.5 hours straight. Again with the feed, bath, feed, formula combination. Which makes me a little worried for tonight as she’s only had a feed and a bath and passed out… I’ll report … Continue reading

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Day 30: NCT Reunion and Dummies

So today we had our reunion with the NCT folks, all couples + NCT teacher Michelle. I’m sure some people would prefer to go to someone else’s house rather than have the hassle of hosting. I’m sadly one of those … Continue reading

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