Day 52: all this hoohaa about powdered formula

So we’ve finally bought some Aptamil 1st milk powder instead of just using ready made. Reading the instructions is enough to put you off… If you get the mix wrong you could harm the baby. If you reuse leftover milk after the allotted time you could harm the baby. Seriously?! It’s milk!

Bottom line is that the milk powder itself is not sterile. This shocked me initially but then how much of what we eat needs cooking through first? Cow’s milk is pasturized before it gets to us. Chicken and turkey shouldn’t be eaten raw. Most foods you have to be careful about re-heating. Blah, blah, blah. In addition I don’t think the wording on the Amptamil pack is that helpful.

You just need to make sure all the powder comes in contact with boiling water so you can kill the bacteria. If you don’t cook a chicken through thoroughly you’re encouraging the bacteria to multiply, making you ill when you eat it. If you then reheated this chicken… You can see why you’d get ill.

So technically if i treat it like chicken we should be ok! The reusing part is the pain in the butt part… You shouldn’t reuse it 2 hours after initial preperation. This sounds like a ploy to get people to buy more product if you ask me. As long as you kill off the bacteria you should be fine, no?

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