Day 54: our 1st proper bath

Yes… Of course I’ve washed my daughter before now; in a baby bath (ok), in a butler sink here on hols (fab bacause it’s deeper and not too wide or long), but today she had a proper bath!! Mummy got in the bath 1st, still partially dressed as mummy’s breasts needed saving from Lo-Lo’s little (but strong) kicking legs! Then Lo-Lo came to join me. Daddy lowered her in and… We seem to have a winner! It was great fun because i could have full control over her and give her more freedom and space to move about. This is one tiny step to her going swimming. Very much looking forward to taking her for her first trip to the pool.
In other news Lo-Lo was exposed to the smell of a rose today. Then a honeysuckle. The honeysuckle had the strongest smell, not that she reacted to either. Hopefully she’ll get to see a cow tomorrow before we leave so she knows where ‘that’ smell’s been coming from (we’ve been staying on a farm : )

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