Day 55: babygirl outfits

I generally dislike pink. But that’s all you can find for babygirls! And get that ‘princess’ rubbish away from me. At this age when they are tiny and everything should look super cute on them I find myself disinterested in shopping for her for many reasons: she’s received a lot of clothes as gifts already, she pukes everytime she eats so they never last long (god bless bibs), baby grows suit almost every occassion, dresses can be fiddly to get on and mainly because it all seems pink… So here are some of my recent faves care of a few folks:

John Lewis, dress with teal polka dots (thank you aunty Fi):


Jasper Conran, dress navy blue with white polka dots (thank you aunty Jessica):


M&S, yes some stylish pink (!) baby grows – white, stripes and stars, my favourite! (thank you aunty Lou)… can’t find a link online.

Actually I have to admit that John Lewis have got some really lovely dresses in. I’ve not been that impressed with the clothes @mothercareuk but I do think the baby grows at Tesco (3 for £7) and Asda (approx the same) are lovely and great value for money!

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