Day 56: 8 week Lo-Lo update

8 weeks and there’s not a day that passes that I don’t think we’re lucky parents. Lucky because her little life is so fragile, she’s so tiny, she really is helpless and it’s all down to us to keep her alive… it’s a little miracle. Each day she changes but it’s so incremental that we don’t notice the subtle differences. It’s only when grand parents pop round and comment, ‘oh, she wasn’t doing that last week,’ that you smile and think that maybe you’re doing ok. Lo-Lo’s happy, healthy, has all her fingers and toes (only occasionally missing one when mummy gets nibbly), sees well, has a good set of lungs on her and has a good appetite. All small blessings really that add up to make one lovely Lo-Lo. Someone described her looking like a dolly the other day. I think I agree. A cute, chubby cheeked, long eye-lashed baby, but even without that we’d still be very proud and happy parents.  She may however not like us as much if she knew what we had in store for her… 1st set of injections on Monday. Ouch.

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