Day 57: Hot weather and tiny tempers

It’s hot, Hot, HOT!!! Ok nothing like what’s going on in the US on the West coast (50 degrees c was it?) but for the UK pretty damned hot. 30 degrees today and I love the heat, unfortunately the little one is not so keen. I’m generally feeling a lot more settled with Lo-Lo in comparison with the 1st 2 weeks so I can definitely say i have noticed a difference in the hot weather. Methods for keeping the tiny ones cool?

  • We went to the park and sat in the shade
  • Get to the place early as it’s cooler!
  • Get the baby naked or semi naked baby
  • Damp flannel for the head
  • Tiny bit of boiled water (1 oz)
  • Luke warm bath … we actually had a mini shower when we got home from the park today. By shower i don’t mean full power, full heat – I mean luke warm or a light sprinkle setting so as not to overwhelm her. Easy to do one handed. You take a towel, roll up one end so they have something to rest their head on, lay the rest flat in the bath/baby bath so they don’t slip. Then shower away. I kept my hand in front of the shower as well so I could pick up on any fluctuations in the temperature and so the water didn’t hit her too forcefully
  • I saw a dad sit in his car with his baby just so they could have the AC on. Genius
  • Skin to skin contact in weather can be very uncomfortable for grown ups let alone for the small people. So! It is advisable that you put a layer in between you… like a muslin cloth or towel etc. Babies are known to get fretful, fidgety and refuse the boob!
  • Hotter weather can mean they feed more often but for less time

Check out the following website for more info, i guess if anyone will know it’s the Aussies!

Below pic, not my baby or hubby.. but still cute…

English: Father with baby in the shower.

English: Father with baby in the shower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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