Day 59: shall i compare me…?

This is my 101st post. Pretty exciting, didn’t realise I had so much to natter on about. Today’s post is about how easy it is to compare yourself to other mothers. Hubby is great, but me? Well I guess it’s easier to be critical of yourself.

Everyone tells you that it’s not a competition. You will find your own way of mothering. Every child is different. The way you manage your child is up to you. You’re doing great.  There is no wrong way. The bottom line is as long as they are healthy you’re doing well. And it’s not just about the baby, there are many things to compare yourself against:

  • Was I in labour for longer?
  • Did I have more stitches than her?
  • How early did they start doing exercise?
  • When did they 1st manage to have sex post birth & stitches?
  • How often do they read to their child?
  • How many hours do they sleep at night?
  • How much does their baby cry?
  • What activities do they do with their newborn?
  • When did they manage their 1st outing?
  • Am I coping better than her?

You end up being littered with comparisons that can give you an idea of what the ‘norm’ is but that you can also beat yourself up about. I’m a believer that kids need to be stimulated but also given the space to just be. We read to her (I read my books out loud as well), play with her, talk with her, have encouraged her to sleep well at night, take her on outings, help her socialise, encourage her to entertain herself etc. I look at all 5.72kg of her: healthy, cheeks like a cheeky cherub, strong legs and neck. I figure we must be doing something right.

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