Day 60: Weighing in at…

Ha! All that talk of not comparing, here are Lo-Lo’s stats from yesterday (8 weeks & 4 days):
– Weight: 5.75kg (mid range 75th percentile according to ‘the red book’)
– Height: 61cm (98th percentile!!!!)
– Head: 39cm (91st percentile)
SHE’S A GIANT! BOOM! I knew it! Now we have the stats to prove it. That’ll be all that eating then…

In other news:

  • 3 days ago she sat in Greenwich park, her 1st time hanging out in a park.
  • 2 days ago on Sunday we gave her her 1st bottle whilst she was sat up.
  • That same Sunday she met her 1st dog who licked her leg (nice white Caesar’s doggy)
  • Yesterday she had her 1st set of injections. Sneaked the 1st one in, real tears on the 2nd one. But it didn’t last long thankfully. Possibly the injections + the heat resulted in a wake up at 4.30am this morning. Next injections at 12 weeks then 16 and a BCG somewhere in-between.
  • We managed to read 2 of her books yesterday: ‘That’s Not My Puppy’ and ‘The Bedtime Bear’.

Exciting times

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