Day 62: Regular

Never in my life have i been so interested in someone else’s bowel movements.

We’ve been topping her up with pre-made formula since week 3 and she’s been normal/regular. By that I mean about 4-8 dirty nappies a day, dirty as in what looks like mustard with tomato seeds. Since we bought the powder and have been supplementing her with that it suddenly switched to once every 2 days and it was almost a thick chalky paste. All fine and seems healthy enough but feels like a dramatic change for a tiny person. When you read up on it Dr’s don’t seem to worry too much unless baby hasn’t poohed for ages. Even 2 weeks in some cases seems fine. I’m sure you’d start to be concerned around 2 weeks but still it’s amazing that such a variation seems OK.

With this in mind I’m not worried by once every 2 days however it seems to have changed again this last week. She has been going once a day (fun times were had on Saturday in Greenwich park when she went about 4 times… but mummy brought extra nappies so catastrophe was averted). This has made me happier. I’m not sure why. I guess because in my mind it must be harder to get out if it’s only once every 2 days, harder equalling more painful equalling unhappy baby. So why the change in the last week? Well here are the variables:

  • Weather: it’s been hot
  • I have started feeding her from the boob an extra 2 times a day note: she would have got this milk from when I expressed as well, so she’s getting the same amount of feeds
  • Due to the crazy heat we have been giving her an extra 2 ounces of boiled water as she also gets formula. Babies tend to eat more often for less time in the heat so they get more thirst quenching fore milk. I remember hearing that breast milk also regulates itself and becomes thinner in the heat but can’t remember where I heard that

Now I’m not thinking she’s constipated, but it is interesting to read why babies get constipated and to see the suggested remedies. For example in the heat their bodies take up more of their fluid, unsurprisingly they can get dehydrated and hence constipated. With this is mind could the extra boiled water be helping to make her more regular? I secretly want it to be the fact that I am breast feeding her an additional 2 times to make it worth the effort but as I mentioned she used to get this milk anyway. So who knows. I’ll keep you poop-dated.

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