Day 63: swimming

I SoooOOOooo want to take her swimming! With it being in the 20s/30s at the moment if feels like the perfect time to get her in the pool. We’ve signed up for @Waterbabies but that won’t start until September. Bah humbug.

Little (/giant) Lo-Lo is still so young she needs to be in very warm water because young babies cannot regulate their own temperature. So i asked the waterbabies lady where we could go that’s open to the public (as i discovered none of the ones that held WB classes were open to the public in my area) that had a hydrotherapy pool. We plan to visit on Sunday.

Nappies. Apparently WB use a double nappy system: happy nappy (designed so nothing escapes through the neoprene!) and a normal aqua nappy. Our @happynappy_ca arrived today (god bless amazon prime) so we’ve just got the aqua nappies left to buy. Interestingly the local pool does not require anything fancy, just an aqua nappy.

What to wear? Her rather than me. Although now i think about it I’m not sure what i will wear as I’m a slightly different shape. If she’s in a hydrotherapy pool i think we might go topless and see how she gets on.

Vaccinations! So here’s the deal. Dr said wait til she’s had her vaccinations but the NHS say there’s no need to wait you can take baby anytime you want. Apparently waiting til after vaccinations was all down to some old info. These days its basically up to you. The only thing we need to consider is that she will be in a social situation and might be at risk of catching something from someone there. Her ears are obviously going to get wet, I’ll just have to make sure we dry them after so as not to encourage an infection.

All this fuss… I just want to get her to the pool!

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