Day 64: 10 things to take to a wedding

Today we have our 3rd wedding this year and coincidentally Lo-Lo’s 3rd wedding ever. So far we have travelled to Birmingham in week 3, Somerset in week 7 and now Tottenham at 9 weeks… thank God. I love travelling about the country but it’s so nice to just go somewhere local for once. It involves some preparation but not as much as for a night or a week away. Sadly i actually keep a check list on my phone of stuff we need to pack for a day trip so it requires no thinking.

  1. Nappies
  2. Nappy bags
  3. Wipes
  4. Changing mat
  5. Dummy
  6. Formula premixed and powder
  7. Scissors (for easy access to the formula in the cartons)
  8. Change of clothes (for today we have another dress and a sleep suit for later)
  9. Muslin cloths
  10. Extra nappies (kept in the car)

Nothing worse than an unexpected pooh explosion when you’ve run out of nappies, wipes, clothing and you’re stuck with a pooh-y baby for 12 hours. Nice.

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