Day 65: and so wedding number 3

Yesterday we had wedding number 3. Well spotted. Lo-Lo has spent a 3rd of her weekends at weddings. By week 12 she’ll be confused by the lack of confetti, frankincense and booze.

Yesterday was a success in many ways. We arrived early to the wedding. We remembered to bring everything. She slept all the way through the reception allowing mummy and daddy to have their 2nd uninterupted meal together since her arrival on earth. She managed a good old number 2 without leaking on either parent. She played nicely with the other adults… In fact I’d probably say we only held her half the time she was awake – result! It was the 1st time in a long time that i was relaxed enough to not be concentrating on her but to lose myself in conversation. Of course we still ended up talking about kids but mentally i was present instead of worrying about her.

Thankfully the venue the reception was held at was placed within a courtyard and all the surrounding rooms were filled with guests from the wedding. This meant that when i needed to breastfeed, I was kindly lent a room by one of our friends. The dress being a normal one rather than a breastfeeding specific one meant getting nud more or less to feed… Couldn’t have done that in public!

I also tried dancing for the 1st time in 11 months. Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. Turns out i can’t remember how to dance. I am mortified. I started dancing like a mum. I know i was. I had others dancing all around me. I wasn’t an amazing dancer but i knew i could dance better than this- i could at least move in time to the beat! Was it the lack of practice? Lack of alcohol? Relaxin effecting my hips!? Bad music?… It was Robin Thicke’s blurred lines for goodness sake! Must practice more. Have a boogy planned for August. Done.

At the end of the day, mummy left for the 1 hour drive content in the knowledge that she remembered how to dress up properly and look smart. We were a family unit, but it felt like we were a better balanced family unit rather then just focusing on Lo-Lo.
By the end of the day daddy was a tiny bit merry but not as obliterated as Lo-Lo’s dress was in vom. Mummy had a good time even without booze. This is a new experience that’s been creeping up on me for the last 11 months. Still not entirely comfortable with it but better than a finger in the eye.

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