Day 66: new babies and mummy outfits

You can’t escape it. Once you’ve had a baby it’s a real effort to dress up nicely. Why?

– Your baby is likely to puke on you. Puke shows up on most materials and smells funky
– Most of your old clothes don’t fit you anymore because of the baby weight gained or change in your figure (for me bigger boobs, smaller bum, more rubbish round my waist… NOTE; when do i get my stomach muscles back pls?). You’re not all that keen on things which are tighter round the waist which rules out so many more clothes.
– You just want to be comfortable
– finally i think it’s fair to say that you’re focus is on baby rather than yourself

This generally results in you wanting to wear anything with no waist/loose waist/elasticated waist band… Can you see what’s happening? It’s a recipe for tracksuit bottoms and comfy/frumpy clothes. Why make the effort when once you finally find something you like, if it fits, it will get trashed anyway!? All you want is to be comfortable in something that you don’t mind ruining and that can be easily washed!

Here’s one I bought recently. It’s actually more vibrant and a nicer colour in real life @Houseoffraser, Almost Famous dress. You tie up the waist tight or loose depending on the day you’re having. Heavy drop material so it goes with your figure but is thick enough so you can’t see the subtler lumps and bumps. Also being a maxi dress it’s complementary:



Recently bought a lovely A-Line dress from @Reiss but cannot find it on line to share the link or show a photo 😦 It doesn’t look mumsey, it looks just right but the best bits are it does not hug round the waist, gives space for the boobs so they’re not ‘out there’, has just the right length so you can show some leg but does not make you look slutty and finally is in a cool material. This is a fab dress, does not restrict movement and very comfy. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner.

From the latest dresses I’ve been looking at it would seem the ideal shape in a way is something above the knee but not too short if you like your legs. A -Line or maybe even empire line if you can find something that fits. I will share more as I find them.

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