Day 69: The eyes have it

A few interesting facts about babies eyes…

Eye size: I had heard that the eyes were the only part of a baby that stays the same size into adulthood. No true apparently. They are only 70% of their eventual size when they are born.

Eye colour: I’m saddened to say that a babies eyes can take up to a year to change colour. Lo-Lo has a beautiful pair of blue eyes which are the same colour as her dad’s. Apparently there is a 50 – 50 chance they will stay blue. I on the other hand have brown eyes. They are most likely to change between 6 & 9 months and may continue subtly changing up until adulthood!

Real tears: We’ve had our first few real tears now. We’ve heard her cry so many times since birth, it’s only now that we’re seeing tears that we realise there was an absence of them before! Babies start to cry after the 1st month… I think we started noticing it in Lo-Lo at about 8 weeks.

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