Day 70: We may have a glitch in the sleep matrix

10 weeks today!!

Lo-Lo’s been amazing so far when it comes to her sleep pattern, sleeping an average of 8-9 hours a night. BUT! Last night we had a glitch. She was asleep yesterday from around 8pm. I woke her a bit at 10pm to try to encourage her to finish up her normal pre-sleep feed pattern (breastfeeding followed by formula). But she made a sleepy effort at 10pm and dozed off again waking at 3.30am and then to bed til 8.30am. She’s had no problem sleeping through the heat so I am wondering why the sudden change.

For the last week she has been napping more at night just before her final feed but has always got up for it. Last night she just fell asleep early. Now I have heard of a sleeping myth, that eventually babies like to sleep a full 12 hours from say 7pm – 7am. Could she be adjusting to this amazing sleep pattern? It’s wishful thinking, I would love it to be but is our luck that good? We shall let you know…

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