Day 73: baby’s going down

So now she’s been consistantly sleeping through the night for 5 weeks we have another nut to crack: going down at night still awake.
Why do we want to do this? I’m hoping that I can start putting her down at night and not have to rock her to sleep. This way we can put her down when we need to not just waiting for her to call the shots. Result? Mummy and daddy become a bit freer.
Yesterday was the start and it wasn’t too bad. We laid her down at 11pm. She grunted, smacked her lips, snuffled and shuffled. Eventually after 30 minutes, she started whimpering and eventually she cried. It sounded like a lonely cry. Sad face. So I rubbed her tummy for reassurance. Nothing (or rather, still crying). Then I picked her up and laid  back with her on my chest. Still nothing. I stood up and calmly rocked her. She calmed right down and fell asleep. OK, OK so she got me. I still ended up rocking her to sleep. However what I found amazing was that she laid there calmly for 30mins first off. I’m hoping this means she feels safe in her surroundings and will eventually nod off.

We shall be continuing with this again tonight!


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