Day 74: She’s a screamer!

Yesterday whilst visiting a friend the topic of crying was brought up. She thought that Lo-Lo’s cry sounded cute. Her cry cuts straight through me but it was exactly the same for me. Her boy’s cry was just a noise to me but cut through her. We know that we’re supposed to hear and be effected by our own baby’s cry. I can also confirm on approach to an area with several babies that i can pick mine out from all the others. And i thought penguines picking out their own crying penguine baby from a crowd was poppycock. Well here’s mud in my eye.

Listening to Lo-Lo cry distresses me. It makes me sad. I want to pick her up, hug her and make all the bad things go away. This is why any form of sleep training or self soothing is SO difficult for parents, especially mums.

I have one recommendation to anyone with a new born. Ear plugs. I use silicon bio ear plugs. I wear them when asleep because even the sound of hearing hubby breathing keeps me awake at night. Add a snuffling baby and I would never get any sleep, which is not beneficial to any of us. If she cries i can still hear it, but you know what? It takes the edge off!

What do i mean? When they cry and you are trying to settle them it takes the edge off. Their crying becomes more bearable. This helps you keep calmer for longer when dealing with them. They of course pick up on any negative vibes so you being calmer, arguably helps them to calm down faster.

I was originally a little worried about Lo-Lo. A very vocal baby… Cried her arse off most of the day. You’d have other parents who’s babies seemed to cry for different reasons, they could tell why the baby was crying. I think this was because their babies came up for air between crying fits. Literally this last week she feels like she’s settling into herself a bit more. She now spends more and more time awake but not crying. It’s only now that i would say we’re moving closer to the other parent’s way of thinking. Now that it’s not one continuous cry with sleeping inbetween it’s easier to understand if she just needs a hug or more food. Long may she continue down this road of less screaming!

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