Day 75: Nippy – update & the difference between doesn’t & shouldn’t

You may remember me writing about my attempt to help heal the sore nips (Day 44). Well it’s been a month and I wanted to report back. A recap of what I did:

  • 1st feed in the morning from both breasts
  • All other feeds a combination of expressed (4 times in a day) & formula
  • Final feed of the day from both breasts

We have successfully moved away from the very, very sore stage to the better stage. Originally with the thrush it was like she had a mouth full of razor blades. Then we just had the overly sore/tired/never getting a break nipples which make you want to cry most of the time. The nips are sore all day and all night. The whole day stresses you out because all you can think about is the count down to the next feed. You become anxious in  anticipating the dreaded moment when she wants to go again. I can officially report breastfeeding has become a pleasure now. No pain latching on, no pain throughout the feed. They become a little sore toward the end of the day but nothing in comparison to what I had before.

It’s important to note though that there was a transition period, I didn’t just suddenly increase her to full time. For the last 2 weeks I have breastfed as follows (note each feeding session generally means she feeds off each breast for up to 10mins a side):

  1. The 1st 2 feeding sessions in the morning then last feed at night.
  2. The 1st 2 feeding sessions in the morning, the 4pm feed and the last feed at night.
  3. Now I need her more of less on demand which still equates to about 5 feeding sessions (8am / 11am / 3pm / 6pm / 9pm + formula)

The health visitor that came round the other day said that actually breast feeding is very hard and not that many people stick with it and of those that do only a very tiny percentage have no problems at all. How interesting.

I also like to remind myself of something a crazy old health visitor said, ‘breastfeeding doesn’t hurt’. It’s a subtle difference but I think the word she needs to be using is ‘shouldn’t’. Shouldn’t suggests that in an ideal world breastfeeding does not hurt but that it’s not an absolute truth in all situations. Saying that it does not hurt is basically a lie, because I can find you thousands of mums who will tell you it does. Should has an element of humanity and awareness about it. I like should, I find it positive. And I can confirm, breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt but it might take you a while to get there.

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