Day 76: baby’s going down… Part 2

I was talking about a type of sleep training a few days ago where I would put Lo-Lo to bed awake rather than waiting for her to pass out at around midnight. So far the 1st 2 nights consisted of noise, then crying, then hugs/rocking from mum then down again.
1st night she fell asleep as soon as i started rocking her.
2nd night i rocked her but no sleeping. She found the light shade very interesting. So i put her down again whilst still awake. We heard some snuffles and then some pretend crying. You know the sort… ‘I’m here, please pay attention to me… But you’re right I’m perfectly fine… OooOOOOoo my nose… So tired…’. Eventually, out and with no intervention from us. Result.
– 3rd night was last night and i have to report another glitch in the matrix! This time we didn’t even get the chance to put her down awake. She had a mini snooze at 6pm, boob, then a bath, then her formula. She only managed 90ml and then passed out… And i mean gone, sparko, hasta mañana, laters, ciao!

I was dreading a 4 or 5am wake up call. When she started shuffling this morning and i still felt exhausted i thought oh dear. My rubbish night’s sleep aside… She awoke at 6.30am. The girl had slept 9.5hours straight!!! Amazingly happy with that. Now what tom foolery will she be up to tonight!?

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