Day 77: 11 weeks today

I just can’t believe that I gave birth to you 11 weeks ago today. This has been the longest time of my life… it feels like you have been in our lives forever. Yet at the same time, 11 weeks is nothing! Our lives are very much full of loving Lo-Lo.

  • Yesterday i discovered you could hold on to the edge of your changing mat and push yourself up it
  • Today I saw you physically push yourself off your play mat… on your back you used your heels to dig into the mat and push yourself up. you cleared a metre!!!
  • This last week you have become a lot more alert
  • You’re spending longer times awake and self content
  • We’ve been practicing having you sat up in the corner of the settee
  • We’ve had proper baths with you this week either with mummy or daddy
  • You had your first 9pm – 6.30am sleep… will this be a pattern?
  • You have been going to bed earlier and you are being put down still awake without causing much fuss… today you fed at 1pm, exhausted yourself and then lay on the bed calmly. I transferred you to your cot still awake and there was no resistance… I came back 10mins later and you were asleep. Amazing!
  • These last 4 nights mum and dad have managed to have a couple of hours to themselves
  • In the mornings you will wake up for your 2nd feed, but will 1st allow mummy to go for a shower, dry + dress first without complaint.

Tomorrow we’re having a mini get together with our neighbours at our house. LOTS of new people. Lo-Lo’s 1st party!

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