Day 79: Paaaaaartaaaay

It was a success. People came, they saw, they tickled, she laughed, she cried.

It was difficult to balance baby and hosting. Thankfully we made all the food the night before. Bolognese always tastes better the following day I find. Gnocci should be fried up a bit and it takes concentration to make it perfectly crispy. Salad, a nice cacophony of steamed vegetables, avocado, nuts and seeds. All of these things take time to prepare and watch so they come out just so rather than over cooking or burning. Not easy to do when you’re talking to people, calming a baby and keeping drinks topped up. So it was easier to make the night before and just warm up on the day. AND we made mojitos. 1.5litres of white rum, about 8 limes squeezed in and a lot of sugar all mixed up the night before. So yesterday all you add is ice, mint & a bit of sparkling water to stop them being quite so intoxicating.

Somehow hubby and I ‘seamlessly’ looked after Lo-Lo in a bit of a tag team although I think hubby probably did a bit more there and I tried a bit more of the hosting. And it was great. I actually had some adult conversations that did not revolve around Charlotte, pooh and sleeping habits. It was really nice to have her close but not to be involved in looking after her, giving me a bit of a break – like a real family co-existing. On Friday (2 days ago) we went to watch ‘World’s End’ as a couple and had our 1st night out away from her for 4 hours. We started off watching the film and really missing her but again it was good to have a break and regain a tiny bit of our old lives.

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