Day 80: Lo-Lo’s 1st swim

Today we had our first swim and Lo-Lo is still alive. Success!

We visited Peckham Pulse, in… Peckham. Clean, well organised and not too over crowded. We went to the 3pm class and thankfully were advised to get there early because there was a massive queue and we were sold the last tickets. Boom.

I was originally worried she might be cold, too many kids might frighten her, she might be asleep at swimming time, she might cry for most of it… turns out there was nothing to worry about, she liked it. She preferred being upright or on her front, not so keen on her back. And we loved it, it was SOOO much fun!

What’s a girl to wear? As this was a hydrotherapy pool she went just in an aqua nappy and a @happynappy_ca over the top. Other than that. Naked!!! ha ha. We also took about 3 towels, a hat, clean nappy for afterwards etc

What did we do? I held her and moved her toward daddy (visa versa) face first. We bobbed her up and down in the water. We got her to use her legs to push away from the wall. She travelled like a baby turtle on the back of daddy turtle. Total of 15mins for or 1st time. We were all starving after this massive work out. She ate for 9 minutes and then passed out, perfect for the traffic on the way home.

Great prep for our Waterbabies class in September.

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