Day 81: Project SkinnySkint

Yes, #SkinnySkint… and I’m going to own this phrase. Definition of: wanting to get skinny whilst being skint (you’d think it would be as easy as just not eating, well it’s not). Technically this phrase can be used in any other situation where the definition holds true but I am applying it to the specific situation of a mum with a new baby:

  • You earn much less than you did before, but you’ve just had a baby so you have more to spend your money on.
  • You should be eating healthily especially if you are breastfeeding, but healthy food can be expensive.
  • Ready made food/fast energy release (snack bars and chocolate) are quick & easy to grab, making the wrong choice much easier to make
  • New mums will have some excess weight they want to shed and exercise classes are time consuming (who’s going to look after the baby?) and expensive.
  • All the above is challenging enough when you’re dealing with it just on your own, but then add hubby and new born into the mix along with a complete lack of spare time.

With all this in mind, what do we do!? I’m going to dedicate some of my next few posts to this as I start to figure out what something which hopefully should give me some health on a budget.

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2 Responses to Day 81: Project SkinnySkint

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