Day 82: Project #SkinnySkint Part 1: Finance

Let me tackle the financial side 1st. I’m not completely brassic. I still get maternity pay and in my 3rd month this has been cut down to at least half my normal salary… which wasn’t that large to begin with. Considerations:

  • Openly figure out with hubby how your incomes will work & who pays for what because for us I know there will be portions of time when he will be the sole provider. This includes bills as well as spending money (which can be contentious for both sides)
  •  We tried to buy all our big things in the 1st few months whilst we both had money
  • Is there anyway you can save some money away for later down the line or in case of emergencies? Will there be classes or groups you will need to start paying for?
  • We have a separate bank account for food shopping only
  • Figure out a budget and stick to it 
  • Think twice about what you’re going to buy – do you really need it? How long will you use it? Is it worth it? Can you borrow it from someone else? is there a DIY option you fancy trying?
  • Have a good search online in case you find thing somewhere else for less
  • No matter what, don’t go over your budgets each month and start getting loans out
  • Do you want to start baby up with a nice tax free ISA for their future? Even £10 (3 beers?) a month adds up to £120 in a year that you would not have otherwise saved for them…
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