Day 84: 12 weeks today, we’ve come a long way

12 weeks ago you popped out. I still find that amazing. The biggest thing for me in this unbelievably short amount of time is just how much you have changed over the weeks. When you initially turned up you had a tiny squashed face, a blocked tear duct, a mild eye infection, the cutest button nose, a full head of dark hair, you cried and poohed all day and most of the night. When you cried your soft new eye lashes would fold into your eyes. You had no problem latching on or eating and boy did you like to eat. You started wanting to hold your head up from my chest very early on. You had tiny dark hair growing on the edge of your ears and your shoulders were fluffy.

12 weeks on and you really feel like you have settled into yourself even more. There’s a lot less crying and more alert time. You’ve developed your own routine in a way giving mum and dad a good night’s sleep, eating every 3 or so hours, napping more regularly. Your hair has not fallen out but continues to grow, this time it seems a little lighter at the roots, maybe a more mousy brown? Your eyes are still a beautiful blue. You like to pause between breasts to have a chat with mum. It would seem you love to talk and smile with both myself and daddy. You still love cuddles and I think i can hear the different type of cry you have when all you want is hugs. You’re so vigilant now and and can see and follow mummy and daddy around a room and swap your gaze from one to the other. You’ve been swimming for the 1st time. You will now sit (aided of course) and watch a book or some tv. Your play mat keeps you occupied but I worry it’s not entertaining enough for you. You’ll take a dummy but only for a small amount of time, you’re not that big a fan. You’ll go down at night and you are starting to go down during the day whilst you’re still awake and then falling asleep yourself with out needing a hug or rocking. Wow.

No one can really tell you what to expect when you’re about to have a new born. In the 1st few weeks I think you can worry about how overwhelming it is because you have no idea how and when it will get better. Will we have a whole year of this? It’s all just a relentless, unforgiving onslaught of feelings, physical changes, learning. Although still completely a handful you are so much easier to manage now than when we all started out.  I feel I actually understand you a little bit. I have learned not only about you but generally about your patterns so that when you don’t know what you want, I will. And who knows quite how you will change going forward? I’m looking forward to you sleeping in your own cot (after all a baby is like a bonsai tree), having your own space, rolling, defining your own schedule a bit more, eating new foods, having your 1st water babies class, going on holiday with us.

But for now, well done on your 1st 12 weeks! It’s the oldest you’ve ever been! X

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