Day 89: Regular Remedies Part 2

Its been a few days I know – bad lama. Speaking of which I watched the ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ last night – forgot how much I loved that film. Its been busy. Family left on Sunday, Monday out for Becky’s birthday and yesterday… well the truth is recovering from Becky’s birthday. Saving grace was that aunty Emilie came round to visit and so made the whole day a lot more bearable.

We had a great day today as you pooped for the first time in 6 days. No matter how big or smelly it was I was over the moon. More of the same please. Reading up on it, it did not sound like you were constipated (no hard poops/hard tummy etc) but 6 days is still a long time. Here are some of the things we tried out:

  • Hot towel on the tummy
  • Pumping the legs up and down and then one knee bent to the tummy then the other like on a bycicle. I seem to remember this from yoga that it helps massage the bowel.
  • Sterilised water, about 4oz
  • Rubbing her tummy no real technique just a general rub

Who knows if it is what we were doing yesterday that helped prompt you today or if you were going to deliver today anyway. Either way it’s a relief. A few other suggested remedies for constipation were the following:

  • I Love You tummy massage. Thanks Fran for this one, I will give this a go next time
  • Dark Karo syrup, 1 tsp mixed in with milk
  • Vaseline on the bottom, generally around the area… assume the massage will also aid this
  • Q-Tip... now, I’m not sure how I feel about this. This feels a bit too extreme and as I didn’t really believe she was constipated I was not going to be trying this. However the method is to take a cotton bud with some vaseline on it and, well, you can guess the rest. Think i want to hold off doing anything quite like this and if it needs to happen I might rather the Dr do it. Eek!
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