Day 90: Wooly Chicken

Yesterday was fab for several reasons, mainly coz you pooped but I’ve written a whole post on that so I shall move on. We had our first trip in to Woolwich yesterday. This was mainly for my exercise (30min walk one way and 2 of the meanest hills you ever did saw), shopping (as we’d run out of food) and a new experience for you. Daddy came home from work at a reasonable time so we could all go together. You in the lie flat pram and us with out trainers, we’d under estimated quite how warm it was as we marched down the hill in our jeans. At the bottom of the hill where you find Woolwich you got to cry a bit through the finery that Woolwich has to offer. We checked out the fruit and veg stalls, the market stalls full of beach wear and down the main high street. Eventually the fussing got too much and mummy picked you up.

This is where the adventure really began for you. You were observant and quiet, I’m sure it was a combination of mummy holding you AND getting to see and smell the exciting new colours and odours around you. We went into @marksandspencer for some very important Will, Kate & baby (future King) George memorabilia and retro carrier bags. We then made our way to Nandos as both mum and dad were hungry. We laid you on your back in one of the booths where you relaxed and ate your fist for a while, but then you started getting hungry. It was mummies turn to try to feed you in public, like in a restaurant for the first time. Last few times were in a paediatrics ward (QE), Blackheath by Chapters and in Greenwich park one very hot day. So mummy felt quite proud that she managed to do it at last… and felt no shame at all, although she did wait until the coast was clear. After 5 mins of feeding we then played silly buggers with your dummy so we could eat and you didn’t disturbed out restaurant neighbours. Eventually we finished, went to Sainsburys for some food and back up our ridiculous hills. Yes we were hot and tired, you of course snoozed through most of it. Home just in time for your night time routine. It may have been the space you created in your tummy or the fresh air and excitement from yesterday but you went to bed at 9.45pm and at 7.30am I’m still waiting for you to wake up… lovely.

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