Day 91: Check in

Good old 13 weeks today… 3 months tomorrow. So whilst you nap, here’s a recap of the things you’ve been doing:

  • Bending yourself toward the boob. On a feeding cushion you will tense your tummy to move your head and upper body the 15cm to mumm’s booby
  • Once at the booby with feeding station in view you will latch straight on by yourself. It’s more of an attack move you’ve been perfecting over the last 2 weeks. We call it the piranha
  • More tummy stuff … in the last week we’ve noticed that when sat in a reclined position you tense your tummy and move your upper body forward. It’s like you want to sit up straight and when mummy or daddy have you on their lap that’s exactly what you do.
  • You’re grabbing more consciously these days. You will take our finger and pop it in your mouth when you’re hungry.
  • For the last few weeks we can tell when you’re thinking because of the way you rub your hands or feet together. We like to say you’re thinking with your hands. It seems more conscientious than random movement
  • On the changing mat you will grab the base of the mobile attached at shoulder level and pull yourself up and to the side
  • With bare feet we’ve seen you push/kick yourself off your playmate
  • You enjoy your books and we’ve also started introducing you to uncle David Attenborough and his Blue Planet in the evenings. You watched Anastasia also on Tuesday a bit too intently… I see TV will also be your friend soon
  • You’re more efficient at feeding. You will feed between 10 & 20 mins in one feeding session. You seem to have put yourself into a feeding schedule of 8am, 12 noon, 4pm, 6pm & 8pm

Now I know every baby develops at a different rate but it’s always good to hear what the norm is. For example we know you’re a giant (confirmed by the 8 month old we saw you dwarf at Tesco’s on Wednesday… ha!), yes yes I know it’s not a competition… but still! So yesterday I recieved an email from @NCTcharity to give me a rough guide on what to expect over the next 3-6:

  • Roll onto her front- not yet
  • Push up on her forearms and look around- rest on her forearms but not push up
  • Sit up if propped up with pillows or a cushion- already doing this. Smash!
  • Pick objects up and bring them up to her mouth- not pick up but will grab and take to your mouth
  • Laugh- We heard our second laugh ever last week, a short sharp ‘ha ha’ (heard a small giggle in your sleep in week 3), but nothing regular yet
  • This is a good time to try baby massage– all over that from week 2 with Neal’s Yard (@NYR_Official) baby oil
  • By this age, your baby will require fewer feeds. If you are breastfeeding, you may be able to leave her with another adult for a couple of hours between feeds while you have a rest- oh yes
  • Your baby will probably also need less sleep now, though three-month old babies still sleep for about 14 to 16 hours a day. She may be getting into a more settled pattern of sleeping for longer periods at night- must admit I think you sleep better and more hours during the day now than when you arrived

One thing I always worry about is that staring at the same mobile etc can get a little boring. Why not give you extra info if you can take it in? NCT suggests:

  • Put her in front of a mirror– oh yes
  • Look at picture books with her – there are plenty of board or cloth books designed especially for babies- Loving ‘that’s not my puppy’, our Mr Man ‘Mr Happy’ books and who can forget out lovely Lamaze (@babyLamazehorsey!
  • Play peek-a-boo- great for smiling
  • Talk and sing to her- YMCA is my fave for her as it comes with arm movements as well ‘Jack’ by Breach with some basic beats and made up mummy arm co-ordination
    Cover of "Baby Massage"

    Cover of Baby Massage

    David Attenborough's Life Stories

    David Attenborough’s Life Stories (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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