Day 93: My Top 7 Tips For New Mums: What Was Helpful For Me

I know that it will all change soon but I wanted to put down in writing what I think were the most helpful things for me in these first 3 months.

  1. Start eating bran! Super helpful post birth and know your pelvic floor gets better.
  2. Babies should not be awake for more than 2 hours during the day. It suddenly makes sense why Lo-Lo would start crying and why should would be very teary if she did not sleep much during the day. This was revolutionary for me.
  3. Pause before you pick a baby up (day & night). Why? It’s a gentle way to teach a baby patience but more importantly it can help them start to sleep in the night
  4. Make sure your baby is awake before you pick them up. Sometimes they cry between sleep cycles and will go back to sleep which is another reason to pause.
  5. Formula: once your comfortable give them formula last feed of the night, it helps them stay fuller for longer
  6. BURP!: even with breastfed babies, burp them it helps with any painful gas
  7. Breastfeeding hurts: Especially to start with and then gets better

In addition:

  1. Personal thought: Get hubby to pick them up 1st when they start crying at night and change their nappy. This helps with point number 2 and helps share the work
  2. Muslin clothes: OMG get as many of these as you can, so helpful
  3. Bibs: with every feed, so if the burp up you don’t need to change clothing each time
  4. Breastfeeding pillow: whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding it makes it a lot more comfortable
  5. Black and white mobile over the changing mat: Lo-Lo did not like being changed, a simple mobile helped keep her attention
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