Day 94: Jabs, naps, prison and dinosaurs

I have just managed to put you down for a nap recently and I’m hoping it sticks because for the last few days we’ve had a total of about 5-6 hour’s worth of naps a day. Today I think you’ve been asleep a sum total of 1.5 hours. So you have some catching up to do missy.

Today we had a busy day. Lo-Lo had her 12 week jabs (at 13 weeks) this afternoon. The crying was immediate for both jabs but thankfully did not last long. We then made our way down to Woolwich to the bank and then M&S. Finally back up the hill via the dry cleaners. It was a busy 2 hours. You spent the whole journey up our massive hill just staring at me. You know that look. The ‘I just had a ginormous (btw this is an actual word) needle pocked into my thigh woman… twice! And you did nothing. Bad mummy. I will hold this against you till I’m 80… ooo hugs…‘ This was your 2nd round of jabs and in 4 weeks you will have your 3rd. Somewhere in between I also need to take you for your BCG jab. You’re really going to hate me for that. Lo-Lo feels a bit too young for such a massive injection but they don’t offer then in schools anymore apparently and you can only get them free up until the child is 5. It has been mentioned on the NCT grapevine by someone in the know that if you have it early, baby is less likely to get a scar. Huh.

In other news I’ve been making my way through Prison Break. Wow, will this series ever end? I mean I like it but after watching the 1st 44 or so episodes one after the other it’s just a marathon of T-Bag’s killed another person, more government spies, Michael & Linc get caught AGAIN, lot’s of people being blackmailed into doing stuff, information is the currency of the film and now with series 3, another secret. I’m not sure what I’m complaining about. I am still watching it. But the unpredictability of it all is sadly all too predictable.

I have to report on one thing though. I have noticed it a couple of times but today it was very obvious. Lo-Lo has been noticeably varying the pitch of her talking. It’s gibber jabber of course but it’s still the way she talks at the moment. Instead of the normal noises she makes she’s been using a very high pitch. Often it’s like a sliding scale and she will even do it in her sleep. Sometimes she sighs in this fashion and it sounds so cute, like the melodrama of everything is just too much for her. Her crying has also taken on a much stronger tone. Finally in the last few days she has been making noises I can only describe as a cat. I know one of the NCT girls talked about babies making dinosaur-like noises. Maybe this is it! My little velocirapotor. Maybe she too will grow up to be a bipedal, feathered carnivore with a long tail and an enlarged sickle-shaped claw on each hindfoot which she will use to kill her prey?

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