Day 97: I swear

I keep reading that a child takes in the most information in its entire life in its first year. We read to Lo-Lo, try to help her walk, talk to her and play with her. All the things that you hope she will pick up on and eventually learn. Why then if it ok to swear, shout or behave in a way you don’t want your child to pick up on?

I remember hubby coming home. He’d told someone he worked with that we read to Lo-Lo. They laughed and asked why, ‘she can’t speak yet so why are you reading to her?’ I guess this kind of annoys me. How do you think babies learn their first words? By you talking to them and through repetition. A babies mind is only really given limitations by us. It takes in only what you give it. A baby will understand what you’re saying to them well before they start speaking to you. Scary thought. Will have to mind my manners.

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