Day 98: A rose by any other name

Holy Fudge Balls Batman! Lo-Lo is 14 weeks today! I can’t believe it. And yes I am going to celebrate every week. If we have another I’m sure it will all change. Not that the newer child will be ignored but I can imagine I won’t cherish every week in quite the same way just because I won’t get the chance to.

Yesterday was a tough one, it required both chocolate and a glass of wine by the end. Lo-Lo fed and went down, I prepped lunch and had my mum and friend over for the early afternoon, then I built a cot and then you were grouchy most of the evening. My ears were literally sore from your crying. Sadly it was one of the rare nights daddy was out so by the end of the evening I was just drained. Today has been a bit easier with nana (hubby’s mum) coming by, hubby taking the day off.  I escaped to Tescos (I know, how things have changed – I find going food shopping as my ‘break’) where I took some time out for myself to get my eyebrows threaded (ow!!) and tinted and shopped for Britain. Home for lunch and then kind of chilling for the rest of the day.

Anyway, today I wanted to remind ourselves of all your fantastic nick names:

  • Lo-Lo
  • Squeaky butt
  • Bubble butt
  • Bumble bee
  • Compact
  • Charlotka
  • Apple
  • Farty pants
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