Day 99: The cot hung in the balance

Last night was a pivotal night. We moved her from her moses basket to her cot. I have heard some stories where babies simply don’t like the move and do not take to their cot. So in the back of my mind as hubby put her down I was mentally holding my breath.

I have to admit I can understand why they don’t take to it. Sensorially it’s completely different to a cot. The high, solid edge of the basket gives a barrier to sound and let’s not forget that she can only really see up in a moses basket. All in all it creates quite a warm, safe and enclosed environment. A cot on the other hand is entirely open and let’s her see all around her (skulking off to the toilet whilst she’s awake so I don’t catch her attention is going to be a lot more difficult/impossible from now on). The enclosed feeling is just not there any more and I wonder if it’s a little cooler sleeping in a cot. I popped her basket in her cot for one night as I washed the sheets but that’s it, no real adjustment period… just straight in.

I’m kind of hoping that secretly she loves it. That if she had the words she’d say, ‘Man am I happy I don’t have to bash my hands against that basket anymore and now when I kick and try and move myself up… I can actually go somewhere!’. When we put her down for a nap yesterday during the day (her 1st sleep in it out of the basket) I stretched her arms out for her to show how much space she had. Not sure she was that bothered at the time. However after being placed at the bottom of the cot last night as we had been advised, we found her half way up the mattress this morning. She’s adventuring already!

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