Day 102: 1st time on London Transport

Today was the very first day you went on London Transport. I popped into my work in Chancery Lane to say hello and goodbye to a few of my work colleagues. It’s been 4 months since I left work and it was definitely time for people to meet you.

We caught the DLR from Woolwich Arsenal to Bank and then on the central line to Chancery Lane. Wow is Bank station pram unfriendly. I caught a lift from the DLR platform but after that could not find where the lifts were or if they would take me to the right platform. I wasn’t going to be messing around with you in the pram so we walked to the central line platform and thankfully someone helped me up the 3 sets of winding stairs. Then the palaver continued as mummy caught the wrong DLR back home and we ended up almost at Lewisham instead of Woolwich so we then needed to retrace our steps JUST before rush hour. I was mainly annoyed at myself for a) getting so far on the wrong train and b) all the hassle and unfriendly stairs it would take to get us back on track. Even worse I was making daddy wait!

Anyway, I think it was worth it. We saw so many people we hadn’t seen in ages. I remember walking through reception and feeling so out of place and uncool being at work with a baby. That was instantly dashed as I kept bumping into old colleagues and everyone was cooing over you. You semi passed out on the journey up but right on cue you were bright eyed and smiley as soon as we passed the work threshold. We started on the 5th floor care of Tobias and it took us 2 hours to make our way down to the 4th floor. You literally got passed round to everyone. I was however very conscious of being in a work environment as soon as you let out a bit of crying. But it didn’t last very long thank goodness. I had fed you at 1pm before we left so was expecting you to be hungry at 4pm and with not much sleep during the day, grumpiness was surely round the corner. But for some reason you continued to be chilled out! You made it all the way home, including the error and only fed at 6pm. So I am VERY impressed with you. It’s been a long day and you could have been a lot more challenging.

You’re currently lying on your play mat at a 90 degree angle to where you should be… where are you going? Haven’t you done enough adventuring for one day

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