Day 103: Sweaty Betty

Ok, so not really. But Lo-Lo does get really sweaty feet. She’ll also get really hot feet from time to time. Thought it was just her but it seems that the other NCT ladies are reporting the same with their babies too. There are some mums who’s babies feet literally drip with sweat. Thankfully that’s not us.

Rather interestingly reading up a bit more (as there’s not much out there as I don’t think it’s a major cause for concern) it seems that sweaty feet in a baby can be caused by 2 things:

  1. Their metabolism is higher as they are growing so fast that they will sweat
  2. Synthetic materials and generally materials that do not allow their feet to breathe.

Now Lo-Lo does not have anything synthetic on her feet as she mainly lives in cotton baby grows, however point 1 may be on to something. I just wonder if it’s like an adult’s feet: if you’re too hot you get hot feet etc, but again that links back to point 1 too. Not that worried, you seem happy and healthy otherwise.

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