Day 104: Project #SkinnySkint Part 3: Exercise

Success! I have been taking Lo-Lo’s 1st snooze in the morning with her since day dot as I have still been quite tired. Last 2 weeks this has been changing. Today I managed a shower, a work out, breakfast and some emails all before 11am. Pretty chuffed with that.

Speaking of workouts… I used to do a reasonable amount before I got pregnant and still tried as much as I could during pregnancy. But now things have changed. I need to find exercises that I can either do whilst looking after my Lo-Lo or whilst she is asleep. An average woman uses up 2000 calories a day, they claim breastfeeding takes up another 500 so you should be able to eat 2500 calories worth. However I think it’s worth remembering that by being at home we might use up less than 2000. Arguably of course we carry around a baby for part of the day but this still might not take us up to the 2000 calorie average. If you’re trying to regain your figure slowly you may want to consider exercise as well as consuming a little less than your new daily allowance of 2500 if you’re breastfeeding. However here are some ideas on the exercise front:

  • Overall plan: Do 2 (eventually 3) reasonable pieces of exercise a week
  • Pelvic floor exercises every morning with the 1st feed of the day
  • Walking about an hour (we have some fab hills near us) down to the local town centre to pick up some shopping. Great excuse to get out of the house and exercise
  • Dance work out in front of baby. Sounds stupid but I will put on the radio and dance to each song in front of Lo-Lo to entertain her. I get an aerobic work out and some quiet for an hour. She is amused for some time and learns about melody and rhythm (uhem)
  • Swimming. Soon we’ll be taking Lo-Lo once a week anyway but swimming for mummy is different to swimming for Lo-Lo
  • Rock climbing: I did this ages ago and despite a fear of heights quite liked it. There is a centre nearby that we might give a go
  • Cycling (maybe to our nearest market?)
  • Yoga/Pilates DVDs. DVDS. DVDS!!! I can’t emphasise enough how useful I think work out DVDs are. Great to have at home, cheap and you can put on anytime you are lucky enough to have an hour or so whilst baby naps
  • Buttocks: Don’t laugh. Smaller exercise where instead of walking baby whilst burping, you stay seated and clench your bum to work the muscles which gives a bobbing motion
  • Joining a local mummies and babies group
  • Not sure I’m ready for jogging quite yet

Today was the first time I did a proper cardio workout with squats, lunges, weights etc and you know what? I forgot how good you feel afterwards! More please.

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3 Responses to Day 104: Project #SkinnySkint Part 3: Exercise

  1. Katy says:

    Just a thought.. Like any muscle/group of muscles, those forming the pelvic floor are exercise specific. Doing holds or quick squeezes whilst sitting will help with holding internal organs in place, preventing prolapse and leaking etc. when sitting or working against little gravity. However, the pelvic floor muscles may not be so effective when you are standing, walking, running or exercising as they will not be used to working against the increased pressure in these positions. It might be a plan to exercise them as you are going about your daily life so you can strengthen them whilst standing, walking etc. with several repetitions of holds and quick squeezes, several times a day. Kxx

  2. Katy says:

    In an ideal world, I’d aim for at least 10 separate occasions throughout the day, doing a few repetitions of quick squeezes and holds each time. Some days I’ll forget entirely! The most important thing is to ensure they are effective – you should not be tensing your abs or holding your breath and you should be able to feel the muscles relax after each squeeze (if you can’t then they have already stopped contracting!). We’ll talk more when you are back from your hols if you like. Have lots of fun! Kxx

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