Day 105: 15 weeks noise and movement

Today you are 15 weeks already and I have been surprised by 2 new  things today:

  • A noise: I think you’ve been trying out a new noise… like you’re clearing out ure throat/preparing to giggle (that silent giggle as your laugh has not developed yet). This morning you chose to make the noise pretty much continuously for 5 mins. You’ve made it throughout the day and have made it before for 5 mins continuously was a little crazy.
  • A move: Imagine this, you were laying on the breastfeeding pillow, on your side, facing me. You leaned on your arm to give yourself height and used your tummy muscles to move yourself forward.  You moved diagonally up to try to reach your feeding station! Clever girl!

I was a bit of a naughty mummy today. This morning I had you in the bed to cuddle you for your 1st sleep of the morning. I also let you fall asleep on me after a feed this afternoon. All really for my own reasons of course, I just wanted to hug you. As it turns out you have been super teary today as you have for the last week or so. Hands in mouth, lots of dribble. I suspect the teeth are on the move… ooo I can hear you now, better go get you. It’s almost time for a bath.

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