Day 106: And we’re thankful for holey blankets

We’re very thankful that we have aerated blankets for Lo-Lo in her cot. Several times we’ve found her muffled or chewing on a blanket. This morning we found her with her blanket wrapped around her head. All the guidelines tell us about SIDS, cot deaths and how to prevent them. Part of the advice tells you to keep the cot free of choking/suffocation hazards: quilts, duvets, bumper pads, pillows or toys. NHS also tell you not to have the blanket up higher than their shoulders. Now. I think any mother will tell you that you have no control really over where the blanket ends up once you’ve gone to sleep or when they’ve gone down for a nap and you’re not looking. We can only try to make safe the things we can control. It only takes a moment for something to happen.

It may sound over the top, but who’s to say what the outcome would have been today if we’d had a duvet in her cot. And so we say a big thank you to this advice, to the NHS and to the other sources. We also say a big thank you to Aunty Arwa for her amazing aerated blankets which keep Lo-Lo warm at night and alive when she chooses to wrap her head up in one. Because I do wonder if it did not save her life today.

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