Day 107: HIGH

Today has been a good day.

You woke up at 7am and played quietly on your own in your cot until mummy was ready to get up at 7.30. I changed you and then we played in the living room. You had some mega tummy time… ok so it only lasted 5 mins, but it was a long time for you. I guess we probably have until you’re about 4 months for you to get better at this. In the mean time, I was really impressed at how high you kept yourself. I then flipped you over on the play-mat and I managed to have some time to enjoy a muffin, a cup of coffee and some time uninterrupted on the ol’ laptop.

Considering how upset you have been the last few days, you were very good today. Q & Saima came over for Sunday lunch. You snoozed a lot, allowed yourself to be soothed and allowed yourself to be held without too much fuss. You went down for the 30 mins we needed in order to actually have lunch (well done daddy for putting you down in the first instance). You got a rather lovely dress from them. It is the only dress you have for 9 months. Oh dear mummy now has an excuse to buy you a few outfits. Oh yes. Sorry daddy.

It has been a good day.

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