Day 109: Passport

We booked a trip to France late last week. We believe we can get to our hotel in Le Touquet from our house in about 3 hours, including the ferry. And so with some amazing 1st holiday in mind, we literally hit ‘confirm’ on our no cancellation booking when hubby looked at me and said… ‘does she need a passport?’ A passport? why would she need a passport? She’s tiny? She looks like all other babies: round with 2 big eyes, button nose, 2 chins and mummy’s teeth marks on her thighs, cheeks, toes… so why would she need a passport!? We’re travelling in Europe, do you need a passport to travel in Europe? We’re travelling by ferry for goodness sake! Huh!? Surely not.

Well folks. Turns out you do.

It was a comedy of errors. Filled in one form for her but had written it in something other than black biro. Then we filled in another and rushed to get the counter signatory to sign it (6am wake up call on his day off on Monday, no fun for hubby) only to go to the passport office and to have it rejected. Who knew the counter signatory needed to be for the person who was effectively counter signing for the child?! well ok, it totally makes sense, but we got it wrong. Shame really as there was a lot of rushing around to get that done and daddy took the day off yesterday so mummy didn’t need to go to the passport office in central London on her own. On the journey back we booked an appointment for the follow day, this morning, at 8.45am. Jiisan (grandpappy) kindly came to look after you from 6.45am. I snuck in a breastfeed and was off to the tube to get to Victoria for 8.30am. Only once I got through security and went to reception for them to give me a ticket number to wait in line… turns out the appointment was for tomorrow. No lie. the idiota in the end of the telephone yesterday had given me options for appointments today and booked me on for tomorrow. I was gutted and really upset. Old guy looked at me and said, ‘hmmm…. guess I’ll just change the date on this then’. I could have kissed his face… and his feet. Anyway 3rd time lucky. Might even get the passport by the end of this week if all goes well. Fingers crossed.

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