Day 110: She rolls, she rolls

This last week we’ve actually been having regular tummy time. It’s bizarre but after just one week you’ve noticeably improved how well you hold your head up… you went from hating being on your tummy to leaning on your elbows and looking up at mummy. Well today we were playing on your playmat and you were on your back. I noticed you were trying to see a high contrast book propped up behind you. You were looking at it and arching your back, at the same time you were using your left foot to get more of an arch. It was starting to look like you were getting ready to roll on to your side. So after a few mins I came and helped you on to your tummy for a bit more tummy time. You were leaning on your elbows and then you started pointing your head in the direction you just came from. Your head started leaning over and it started off a chain of events… you went over your arm and your leg and… you fully rolled over from your front to your back all by yourself! Congratulations Lo-Lo. This was your first roll.

In other news your hair’s a mess so mummy started trimming it today. Still have a good few long chunks of hair but you were moving a lot, so as not to shave some brain off we shall wait til tomorrow or friday to trim some more.

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2 Responses to Day 110: She rolls, she rolls

  1. jiisan says:

    Was she shocked, surprised and smiling after the roll? Even more fun on the changing map from now on.

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