Day 111: Passport II

Some interesting things to note for baby’s 1st passport:
– I didn’t need to take her in with me for the appointment
– countersignatory needs to be for the person who’s signing on baby’s behalf. I.e. I was signing on Lo-Lo’s behalf, so the countersignatory needed to be for me
– you can take the photo of baby (on a white background) yourself and take it to the post office/photographer (if they have this service) to size and cut it. This is so you don’t have the hassle (/fun and games) of sitting on the floor of a photo booth, hiding your hands and hoping your child is vaguely looking at the camera and not dribbling. It also only cost us £1.50 for 6 prints! Alternatively you can take them to a photographer.
– Your hubby can go pick up the passport on your behalf. But you will need to give them a letter authorizing them to do so.

And so, I am happy to announce that Lo-Lo’s passport was successfully picked up today and we can go to France! Hoorah!!!! Oh the cheese…. the beach…. the wine! Clearly we’re off to France for her benefit.

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