Day 114: FRANCE!!!

Yep, you’ve guessed it. We’re in France. So far we’ve been to Birmingham, Somerset, St Albans and Petersfield. Somerset doubled as a holiday as we went for a wedding but it was so far away we stayed for a few extra days. So we kind of knew what to expect in terms of packing: bottles, sterilizer, breastfeeding pillow, milk, all her clothes, muslins, nappies, dummies, pram! (My god that thing’s ginormous) etc. The main thing that we added to the list was her passport. My little baby has her own passport! Anyway that was all packed last night. This morning we got up at 7am and we all fed, washed and clothed (no… not together. This ain’t no hippie commune you know!). We left the house at 9.30am and took our time getting to Dover (1hr 20mins). Onboard DFDS ferries for 12 noon departure and we were off. We landed at Dunkirk at 3pm local time, stopped for a feed and made our way to Le Touquet. Funny enough there were roadworks on the junction to the main motorway. You couldn’t get on the main and only route to Calais… only the french would then proceed to not inform drivers where the diverted traffic should go. We obviously got on the route the other way and came back on ourselves, we laughed as we left the roundabout as we saw the same land rover go round that roundabout again! For the 3rd time!

Anyway we arrived and while she was asleep grabbed this opportunity to go grab an early dinner. We sat in the bar of our hotel looking out onto the beautiful beach with a stormy looking sky. Considering this is bar food it’s pretty amazing but it’s really not cheap. 2 mains + a bottle of wine €63… pretty much £63 at today’s exchange rate! And we were going for the cheaper dishes compared with the main restaurant. But dinner was lovely; steak tartare with fries and salmon linguine. Lovely. Tomorrow we search for cheaper food. God I love France. I’m salivating just thinking about lunch! Anyway we’re off to bed, all in the same room. This will be the first time she’ll be going to bed and mummy and daddy can’t leave the room while she settles. Thankfully for the last week we’ve been putting her down awake at bedtime and there’s been no crying as she settles. This time however we have 2 additional differences 1) our lights are on as we’re reading and 2) she’s sleeping in a travel cot! Wish us luck! Hahahaha. .. and I really hope the WiFi is free! Here’s the koo-di

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One Response to Day 114: FRANCE!!!

  1. jiisan says:

    Nice to see Charlotte is being introduced to Glamping at an early age.

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