Day 115: FRANCE II

We survived the night! Would you believe it!? Kid’s gotta sleep somewhere! But I know kids can be fussy so I’m thankful, especially after her bedtime milk tasted of steak tartare and stinky cheeses!

This morning we woke up with a nice 8.30pm stirring, fed her, washed and popped down to breakfast. She was being vocal but that didn’t stop mummy from enjoying hot chocolate, nutella on some baguette and a croissant. God I love this country but man I would be a lot bigger. She had a long snooze after which we went into town and….. had a late lunch! Boom! We got our classics in with snails, mussels, duck and more cheese! Yup! That’s pretty much all we managed all day, except for a bit of book reading wink wink. Lovely holiday

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