Day 116: FRANCE part trois

I write this in my pyjamas whilst Lo-Lo is passed out on me in her little ladybird jump suit care of Melanie & Emily… and i crumb baguette on her (by accident of course).

Some might say we had a lazy day today. Not much happening other than snoozing and eating. But let’s take a closer look.

– 9.00am: breakfast
– 10.30am: family read and snooze time. I think I had a dodgy mussel yesterday so wasn’t feeling too hot last night
– 12.30pm: a feed and off we drove to Bologne. We drove to the city centre as is tradition with no map and had a pootle around to try to find somewhere for lunch….
– 3.00pm: However it being after lunch hours in the middle of the week everywhere was shut… except one jewel of a tourist trap. That being said, even a dive in France can’t seem to deliver rubbish food. I had steamed fish medley with a white sauce and Elliott had roast chicken.
– 4.00pm: we started making our way home… but not before we went to a supermarche!!! So we pulled over somewhere half way between Bologne and La Touquet at an intermarche and lucky Lo-Lo got some booby in the car park. Sounds so sleazy! But she was clearly hungry mixed in with tired. I could help with 1 out of 2 before I dragged her round a cold shop. The main aim was dinner. Because La Touquet is quite expensive and the 7pm dinner clashes really badly with her bath before bed we’ve had to compromise. Yesterday we had a really good, late lunch finishing around 4.30pm so no real need for dinner. Today we would need dinner but did not fancy the £30 per head/per main. So we found what we needed round the shop and made our way home. Enough excitement for one day I hear you say!? Never!
6.00pm: we take here swimming in the heated sea-water pool in our hotel that looks out onto the beach. Ridiculously beautiful. Swimming caps (attractive) & swimming nappies on, we took Lo-Lo for her 1st ever swim in France and effectively the sea! She wasn’t one for sucking her fingers after that! But she did very well. Supposedly 30°C, it was warm but not sure it was that warm. We got out as soon as she started fussing and made sure we kept her warm with hugs. Thankfully no shivering or we would have been straight out of there.
– 7.00pm: Lo-Lo got a dry, fed straight away and then had a nice bath with daddy to warm her up, get her ready for bed and to get the salt that had stiffened her hair out.
– 8.00pm: more food. And what’s funny is you’ve been fighting sleep. Booby- pass out. Other booby- passout. So it was 9.00pm and we gave up, put you in your cot. OF COURSE there was fussing! But it lasted all of 5 mins and included no crying. Result.

So whilst you slept on the breastfeeding pillow. Mummy wrote her blog and daddy fed mummy dinner: lambs lettuce, baguette, emmental, tomatoes, mini saucissons and bresaola. All washed down with a bit of Alfred Rothschild bubbly. Mmm. I love France.

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