Day 117: FRANCE IV oh Oddbins where art thou

We’ve had a good day today. Overall a teary day but good in other ways.

So Lo-Lo slept through til 9am, a lovely 12 hour sleep following her swimming yesterday. We got up in a rush as breakfast finished at 10am. In retrospect she was quite quiet at breakfast. She nodded off for a nap and then it was mummy’s turn to go swimming. It was a big pool, not Olympic big but reasonable. I managed 34 laps of pretty much breast stroke (I HATE breast stroke) but the water was too salty and my goggles were at home. Anyway, I managed. I fed you, had a bath and off we went into town. A nice 20mins walk. Unsurprisingly most restaurants shut at 2.30pm but we managed to find a good local restaurant ‘A Table’ (86, Rue de Metz, La Touquet, tel: 03 21 06 51 05) where we had terrine campagne, monkfish in red wine and mussels. .. this time round the mussels were good! A couple of kirs as aperitif and then some Chablis. Smash. Can’t really be happier with lunch.

We wandered the streets a bit and ended up in a wine shop that was shut the previous day: Vins Brunin Guiller, Rue de Metz. I’m not a wine snob but I love good wine and after working at Oddbins for 4 years you get to know a little bit; your Sancerre from your Côte-Rotie. Hahahaha… I sound like a right butt hole. Anyway. I loved going into the Oddbins back home because they were such a unique place to go. Staff knew their wines and they were all quirky! They were little boutique wine merchants that somehow worked as a chain and they all attracted the same people! This is how I felt when we walked into this place. It was small and quirky. Every wine had something to say for itself and the sales person was awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable ( we expect nothing less!) and didn’t dislike us for being English! Always a bonus. We spent a lot of time and money in there and of all things I found myself chatting about whiskey for 15mins.

It was getting late so we gave Lo-Lo a quick feed in a park (dodge McDodge), grabbed a baguette, mille-feuilles, quiche Lorraine and off we trekked back home. She’s still teary but thankfully we have our mini routine so am hoping she’ll settle soon. After all mummy has some very exciting chapters of ‘Gone Girl’ to read (thank you Ms Robinson).

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